BME to acquire full ownership of Infobolsa

The Board of Directors of BME, in compliance with the Spanish law, today agreed to acquire full ownership of Infobolsa, S.A from Deutsche Börse AG, following an ongoing process of negotiations that has taken place over the last few months. BME has executed the acquisition today. The agreement also includes the acquisition of Infobolsa’s wholly-owned subsidiaries Difubolsa – Serviços de Difusão e Informação de Bolsa, S.A. and Infobolsa Deutschland, GmbH. Consequently, BME, through Infobolsa, will also become the owner of Open Finance, S.L.

As of the date of this announcement, BME and Deutsche Börse co-owned Infobolsa and its subsidiaries with each party holding a 50 percent stake. BME has paid Deutsche Börse €8.2 million in cash consideration; and the transaction becomes effective today. 

For BME, the move stems from Infobolsa’s and Open Finance’s increasing business opportunities in Spain and Latin America. The transaction thus supports BME’s strategic objective of further expanding its footprint in Latin America given its outstanding increasing ties with exchanges in the region. 

For Deutsche Börse, the sale of its stake in Infobolsa demonstrates an active portfolio management approach Deutsche Börse will continue to take as part of its ‘Accelerate’ strategy. 

BME and Deutsche Börse will not only continue their collaboration in other business areas but also will jointly explore further areas for cooperation. 

Both companies co-own the European trade repository REGIS-TR and have established joint projects around collateral management (Liquidity Hub).