MAB and PIMEC create Lanzaderas PYME

With the aim of guiding Catalan small and medium-sized companies to the capital markets


The Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), operated by BME, and the Catalan employers' organisation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed professionals of Catalonia, PIMEC, have launched Lanzaderas PYME, an initiative aimed at guiding small and medium enterprises of Catalonia to the capital markets.


Through the creation of a programme for growth SMEs it is intended to offer continuous support in the development and consolidation of their long-term business projects. To this end it envisages the creation of an environment from which to address aspects related to their growth and financing via equity.


The programme consists of dynamic and continuing work sessions, which are focussed on pragmatism and operability. These sessions will bring together enterprises with professionals from different fields linked to business growth and financing, with the aim of facilitating the execution of the necessary actions to guide SMEs to the capital markets.


Manuel Ardanza, President of MAB, said: "With the creation of Lanzaderas PYME, MAB and PIMEC take a step forward in their objective not only to provide financing to small and medium-sized companies that come to market, but to assist them all along the process. The creation of Lanzaderas PYME will improve the situation of enterprises and bring them closer to MAB from the outset".


The President of PIMEC, Josep González, stated: "Access to finance has been one of the major obstacles to the development of SMEs, especially in the final years of crisis. PIMEC has worked at different levels to ensure that they can have access to and diversify corporate financing formulas through such pioneering initiatives in Spain as Mercado Financiapyme. In this sense the collaboration of MAB towards this objective is very significant, since it will allow small and medium-sized companies that want to list to go hand in hand with the market, which will guide them to their listing”.


MAB has become one of the most active European alternative markets in this year, raising close to 300 million euros in the year and reaching 1 billion euros in financing since its inception. In 2016, 23 companies listed on MAB.


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