BME starts BME 4Companies

  • This initiative groups together and  organises all the services and products offered by BME to companies in order to promote the opportunities that the securities market offers.
  • More than 500 companies, listed and non-listed, will be able to benefit from this initiative.


BME has started up BME 4Companies, an initiative whose objective is to provide Spanish companies with the services and support necessary for a successful relationship with the Securities Market and its players.


BME 4Companies groups together all the products and services that BME offers Spanish businesses by means of a comprehensive and orderly solution that contributes to promoting their business and projection, by building on  the benefits that the Securities Market offers, such as: financing, internationalisation, visibility, prestige, transparency and liquidity, among others.


BME offers services and products within a wide range of business areas: Equities, Fixed-Income, Settlement, Training, Information, and Value Added Services.


BME 4Companies is aimed at more than 500 companies, both listed and non-listed. In addition to offering services that promote and facilitate the objectives of companies listed on the market, BME 4Companies also offers a very complete value proposition for non-listed companies to facilitate their access to the securities market.


Listing on the stock market is a key decision for companies and a natural option in their growth. BME is committed to supporting companies in this process and offers its know-how along all the phases and objectives that are set out within the Securities Market environment.


All the information about this comprehensive service can be found on the BME website:


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