MARF registers a €44 million bond issue by SACYR

  • The company relies again on MARF following the commercial paper programme it registered in October

The Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija (MARF) today registered a bond issue by SACYR with a total value of €44 million. The maturity of the bonds is 7 years (final maturity due in November 2024) and their annual coupon is 4.5%. This issue is a continuation of the €250 million commercial paper programme that the company registered in MARF on 3 October.

Fidentiis Equities participates as Sole-Lead Arranger, Placement Entity and Registered Advisor while the Payment Agent for the programme is BEKA Finance. Lawyers White & Case have legally advised the issuer during the Registration of the programme with MARF.

SACYR is a multinational group that specialises in the development and construction of civil works projects, residential and non-residential buildings, infrastructure management, environmental services and water and maintenance management. Besides, it has an industrial area that encompasses industrial engineering and construction activities related to the areas of energy, environment, mining and electrical infrastructures. 


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