Tander Inversiones SOCIMI receives favourable report from MAB

The Coordination and Admissions Committee of the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) has submitted to the Board of Directors a favourable report on TANDER INVERSIONES SOCIMI, stating that the company is eligible for admission following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company.  

The company’s ticker symbol will be “YTAN”. Renta 4 Corporate is the Registered Advisor while Renta 4 Banco will act as Liquidity Provider.

The reference value set by the company's Board of Directors for each of the shares is €9.50, which brings its overall valuation to €49.8 million.

TANDER INVERSIONES SOCIMI is a real estate investment company focused on the acquisition of high street retail commercial use properties. The company owns a portfolio of assets consisting of five business premises in Barcelona and one in Santander. 

The Informative Document on TANDER INVERSIONES SOCIMI can be found on the MAB’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.


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