BME and NUANCE sign an agreement to make voice biometrics contract signing secure

BME Inntech, BME's technology subsidiary, and Nuance Communications have reached a strategic agreement to apply its voice biometrics authentication technology to the signing of contracts and client incorporation processes.

Under the agreement, BME Inntech applies Nuance's technology to its digital transformation process in order to reduce management time and improve the satisfaction of its financial sector clients. The integration of solutions such as Nuance VocalPassword will allow BME clients to handle the signing of contracts simply by means of voice. In addition, with Nuance's biometric security solutions, customers will be able to identify themselves only with their voice, increasing their confidence and avoiding any possibility of fraud.

This initiative is a new solution for the financial community driven by the arrival of the new regulation of financial markets, i.e., MiFID II or GDPR. Voice biometrics offers current and future clients the opportunity to start from scratch with a new authentication process that is easy to integrate into their systems and which will enrich customer experience and improve their satisfaction.

Marco Piña, Sales Director of Nuance Enterprise for Iberia, stated that this collaboration with BME Inntech "is an important milestone in the biometrics market in Spain and Portugal. As market leaders at world level we are proud to help companies to replace PINS or traditional passwords with biometric authentication. Voice biometrics can put an end to traditional passwords by reducing security risks and improving customer satisfaction. With the integration of this type of technology, companies ensure that their users have a secure, agile, practical and simple authentication method. More than 300 million users worldwide are using our voice biometrics solutions".

María Santos, Director of Commercial Development of BME Inntech, stresses that this collaboration agreement is part of BME's strategy of offering technological services that contribute to the digital transformation of companies. In addition, "as a trustworthy service provider we are pleased to rely on such a supplier as Nuance for voice biometrics authenticationshe concluded.

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BME Inntech, the innovation and technology unit of BME, provides solutions and services across the whole value chain, offering its current and future clients the best compliance and technical solutions as well as the know-how, security and reputation that only a group such as BME, with its robustness and experience at home and abroad, is capable of offering. It combines innovation and high-performance technological solutions to all financial sector agents and players, as well as companies from other sectors, both nationally and internationally.

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