MARF registers a commercial paper programme by MINERSA

  • The company today registered a 50 million euro commercial paper programme to diversify its short-term financing options
  • The total number of companies that have registered commercial paper programs in this market amounts to 29, with a maximum outstanding balance of 2.9 billion euros

MARF today registered a new commercial paper (CP) programme by Minerales y Productos Derivados (MINERSA) with a total value of €50 million, which allows the company to issue - over a year - individual tranches of CPs with nominal amounts per unit of 100,000 euros and maturities up to 24 months.

The transaction brings the outstanding balance of the 29 companies that have registered commercial paper programs in this market to 2.9 billion euros.

Banco Santander acts as Sole Lead-Arranger, Payments Agent and Placement Entity. Deloitte Financial Advisory is the Registered Advisor of MINERSA and Deloitte Asesores Tributarios has provided legal advice to the company in the registration process with MARF.

MINERSA was incorporated in 1942 in Bilbao and has been listed on the stock exchange since 1986. It is an international group of companies that produce industrial minerals, chemical products, construction products, natural absorbents and bleaching clays, whose combined production totals over 1.5 million tons per year. The Group manages 14 mines and 15 productive farms in Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa and Senegal, which are dedicated to the extraction and processing of 10 different mineral products, among them fluorspar derivatives and fluorochemicals, special clays, anhydrite, sodium sulfate and mineral salts. The Group’s total revenues in 2017 totalled 290.5 million euros, of which 80% were originated in the international market.