Single-access point
for compliance with
regulatory obligations

The financial legislation that has been passed over the last few years imposes various obligations on investment firms.

In particular, MiFID II, which shall come into effect on the 3rd January 2018, will introduce new transparency and reporting obligations for investment firms on transactions executed on any trading venue or OTC.

The impact of the new regulation goes further than in MiFID I, broadening the scope of financial instruments and markets subject to transparency requirements and trade reporting obligations.

In addition, MiFID II introduces new features in the Systematic Internalisers regime, since it establishes thresholds for OTC transactions, whereby a firm automatically qualifies as Systematic Internaliser and is thus subject to the correspondent transparency regime.

Moreover, the Market Abuse directive and regulation (MAD/MAR), compel investment firms, particularly issuers, to provide the supervisor with information relating to the prevention and detection of market abuse.

Other standards, such as the Transparency Directive EMIR or REMIT Regulation, among others, also impose different obligations for firms.

With the aim of facilitating the compliance with these obligations to its clients, BME Regulatory Services will enable a single-access point for the provision of compliance services currently offered by BME Group and those developed from the new legislation.

Among them:

Through BME Regulatory Services clients shall also access the current reporting services:

This enables BME to offer a single-access point to all necessary services for clients to compel with their obligations, and puts at their disposal the regulation expert team from BME to facilitate, simplify and provide with efficient solutions for the requirements that current and future legislation impose on trading.

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