Integrated Financial Reporting Service (SIR - Innova)

BME ComplianceNet is the suite of compliance tools for the financial sector offered by BME.

BME ComplianceNet comprises various tools: SICAM, Integrated Service Against Market Abuse; SIR, Integrated Financial Reporting Service; and RIC, the SICAM module for managing internal codes of conduct.

While they complement each other from a functional perspective, they all share the global features of the ComplianceNet Platform, such as a secure, integrated, modular and centralised architecture.

SIR, the Integrated Financial Reporting Service, is the ComplianceNet Platform tool covering all instances of reporting to regulators (CNMV or Bank of Spain) that financial institutions are required to submit.

SIR is therefore the single reporting window for all types of financial institution.

Specifically, SIR facilitates the preparation, reconciliation and validation of public and supervisory financial statements and other disclosures that financial institutions supervised by the CNMV and Bank of Spain are required to report, producing an XML/XBRL file with this information.

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