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BME will launch a new series of índices on stocks

15 March, 2016


  • The new strategy indices will be calculated and disseminated in real time as of 12th April

BME expands its indices series with a new family of strategy indices on stocks. Precisely, 16 leverage and short strategy indices will be created with factor 3 and 5 and based on the listed stocks: BBVA, Inditex, Santander and Telefónica.

The new indices will start to be calculated and disseminated in real time from April 12th.

The Stock Leverage X3 and X5 Indices offer a three and five times exposure, respectively, to the underlying stock. A positive daily return on the underlying stock yields an also positive return, but multiplied three or five times and vice versa, if we refer to a daily calculation basis. The new indices will be: 

Index BBVA Leverage X3               Index BBVA Leverage X5

Index ITX Leverage X3                   Index ITX Leverage X5

Index SAN Leverage X3                  Index SAN Leverage X5

Index TEF Leverage X3                   Index TEF Leverage X5 

The Stock Short X3 and X5 Indices are linked to a multiplied (by three or five times) performance of the underlying stock in the opposite direction, so, a negative yield of the underlying stock will return a three or five times positive yield in the index, respectively, and vice versa, if we refer to a daily calculation basis. These new indices will be: 

Index BBVA Short X3                      Index BBVA Short X5

Index ITX Short X3                          Index ITX Short X5

Index SAN Short X3                         Index SAN Short X5

Index TEF Short X3                          Index TEF Short X5

These new indices are intended to be used as underlying assets for financial products, such as warrants, certificates, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The new indices will provide investors with a broad range of investment strategies.


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