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BME will propose appointment of Mª Helena Dos Santos as new member of the Board

16 March, 2016

BME Board of Directors will propose for approval at next General Shareholders´ Meeting the appointment of the Brazilian citizen, María Helena Dos Santos Fernandes Santana, as new independent Member of the Board.

María Helena Dos Santos Fernandes de Santana is member of the Board of Directors of Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiçäo and Chairwoman of its Corporate Governance Committee; she is also member of the Audit Committe of Itau Unibanco Holding and of Totvs Board of Directors. She also is the coordinator of its Audit Committee. Ms. Santana is member of IFRS Foundation monitoring Board and has been Chairman of IOSCO´s Executive Committee. She has previously been Chairwoman of Brazil CVM.

Ms. Santana has held several senior posts at Bovespa and has also been Vicepresident of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute. She is a gratuate in economics from FEA-USP.

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Maria Helena Dos Santos de Santana

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