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BME enhances its global connectivity through an agreement with BSO Network Solutions

Improved network performance and more opportunities for the Spanish Stock Exchange in emerging markets

13 April, 2016

BME, through its Visual Trader subsidiary, has reached an agreement with BSO Network Solutions (BSO) that will improve latencies and make it possible for those firms already connected to BSO to trade in the markets operated by BME. This will be made possible by reducing execution times thanks to the DMA multimember platform, which allows clients to choose any of the receiving members in Spain for the purpose of trading and enjoying high-speed connectivity.

BSO is an international supplier of the Ethernet network as well as cloud and hosting services. It boasts outstanding network latency rates to/from North American and European markets as well as an extensive knowledge of connectivity in Asia and the Middle East (Singapore, Bombay, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai and Istanbul, among others). Latencies on key routes include:

Madrid <> Frankfurt – 23.6ms

Madrid <> Chicago – 102ms

Through the agreement BSO will provide these with direct access to BME through Visual Trader, the Group’s order routing subsidiary.

Jose Parga, CEO at Visual Trader Systems, said:  we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the visibility and the liquidity of the Spanish Stock Exchange. The connection to new order routing networks has always been a priority for Visual Trader and BSO contributes low latency and extensive knowledge in Asia and the Middle East.”

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO Networks, said, “We believe our mission is to act as a global guide for customers. This means clients do not have to wait for customer demand to rise - we are continuously expanding our network to new locations and regional hubs to drive growth and deliver the opportunities clients require. This can be seen through our close relationship with BME – to expand global connectivity is a major priority for the exchange and connecting to BSO’s network ensures access to an international financial community and a service that should increase trading volumes even further.”

BSO has extended its infrastructure into BME’s main data-centre in Las Rozas, Madrid, and offers a wide range of colocation services designed for algorithmic trading firms. BSO currently provides Visual Trader with a permanent testing environment to offer even shorter implementation times for customers.

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