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Clever Global to start trading on MAB on Thursday, 22 December

A technological services company

19 December, 2016


The Board of Directors of MAB has approved the listing of CLEVER GLOBAL on the Growth Companies segment of this market, following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company and after the favourable assessment report on its listing issued by MAB’s Coordination and Admission Committee.


The company is scheduled to start trading next Thursday, 22 December. Together with the listing, the company has carried out a €2.4 million capital increase, bringing its initial market capitalisation to €12.7 million. The starting price will be €0.81 per share.


The company’s trading code will be “CLE” and trading will be through a price setting mechanism which will match buy and sell orders by means of two daily auction periods or “fixings”, at 12 hrs and at 16 hrs.


VGM Advisory Partners is acting as Registered Adviser of the Company and GVC Gaesco Beka as the Liquidity Provider.


CLEVER GLOBAL specialises in the provision of services relating to the management of elements involved in the production process (employees, equipment and vehicles) of suppliers or contractors, in construction sites and work centres of their clients.

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