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BME to submit to the General Shareholders´Meeting for approval the distribution of €0.78 supplementary dividend

28 February, 2018

BME’s pay-out in 2017 was 96%, in line with the previous years

BME will submit to the General Shareholders’ Meeting for approval the distribution of a gross €0.78 per share supplementary dividend, which, if approved, will be effective on 11 May.

Following the entry into force of the Reform of Clearing and Settlement in Spain, the date on which the shareholders entitled to receive a dividend are determined will be 10 May (record-date) and the ex-date for the BME shares will be 9 May. Therefore the last day to buy a share in BME that includes to right to a dividend will be 8 May.

BME’s pay-out in 2017 came in at 96%, in line with the previous years, one of the highest ratios among listed companies and among its peers.

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