Investor´s Agenda

28-February-2018Publication of Fourth Quarter 2017 Results
25-April-2018Ordinary General Shareholder´s Meeting (First call)
26-April-2018Ordinary General Shareholder´s Meeting (Second call)
The ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting is likely to be held at second call, i.e., on 26 April 2018
26-April-2018Publication of First Quarter 2018 Results
11-May-2018Distribution of suplementary dividend charged to the 2017 consolidated results
      Date of payment: 11-may-2018 / Ex dividend date: 9-may-2018
CNMV communication, February 28, 2018
27-July-2018Publication of Second Quarter 2018 Results
14-September-2018Distribution of first interim dividend charged to the 2018 results
      Date of payment: 14-september-2018 / Ex dividend date: 12-september-2018
31-October-2018Publication of Third Quarter 2018 Results
28-December-2018Distribution of second interim dividend charged to the 2018 results
      Date of payment: 28-december-2018 / Ex dividend date: 24-december-2018
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