Market Information

End-of-day market reports

Companies signing up for this service receive a daily post-closing summary of the trading session, and other useful data and information on competitors in the issuer's sector.

The Report is a pdf document mailed directly from the Infobolsa servers to a distribution list pre-defined by the Company (management, internal staff etc.) or to a general Company mailing address for resending, thereby guaranteeing compliance with Spain's Data Protection Law (“LOPD”).

The contents of the report are as follows:

  • Share price information.
  • Broker information.
  • Ranking.
  • Sector-Competition information.
  • Ibex 35 share information.
  • Indexes.

Companies' own information can also be added to the report.

Whom is the service geared to?

It targets company management, internal staff, Investor Relations and Shareholder Service Departments.

Investor Relations
Management & Efficiency

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