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Infobolsa netStation

Infobolsa netStation is a terminal supplying economic and financial information in real time to monitor Spanish and non-Spanish markets.

The service focuses on the contents of listed Spanish companies, and not only supplies information on prices, volumes and trading, but also added-value information such as ratios, significant events, financial statements, technical analysis and fundamentals, related news items and analysts' recommendations.

The system also has a powerful technical analysis tool to monitor trading sessions, with intraday and historic share price data.

This makes Infobolsa netStation an essential tool for listed companies' Investor Relations departments.

Infobolsa netStation's main features:

  • Access from any terminal with an Internet connection
  • Powerful technical analysis tool, with graphs
  • Structured information in data channels
  • Centralised user profiles
  • Information on market intermediaries
  • Monitoring of indexes
  • Monitoring of Spanish and non-Spanish comparables
  • Publication of analyses, recommendations and market consensus

Whom is the service geared to?

The service targets Chief Financial Officers, Investor Relations Departments and general senior management, wishing to monitor share prices during the trading session on a constant basis.

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