Pre Market Environment

The Pre Market Enviroment (EpM) is an idea that emerged in 2017 with the aim of promoting among companies, their managers and private investors, the principles of the financial culture necessary to, where appropriate, assess the search for financing through the capital markets.

The EpM pretends to provide training and guidance to companies on the securities markets, and promote a greater knowledge of these markets as a financing instrument among users, entrepreneurs and companies.

In addition, it connects and facilitates visibility to the companies included in the Environment, their access to investment and financing, and to foster the relationship between these companies and the EpM's collaborators and users.

The EpM training program is given by BME's own professionals and those of the entities that participate in the IPO processes, with an eminently practical approach, so that the companies included gradually develop the mechanisms and tools that, if necessary, they will need when they join the stock markets.

Whom is the service geared to?

To management teams and shareholders of companies with high growth potential in various sectors, interested in learning about the stock market as an alternative and complement to finance their growth, and need help to overcome entry barriers.

Private and institutional investors interested in investment alternatives in companies with expansion potential.

Associations, foundations, business schools, management companies of venture capital institutions, participatory financing platforms and other entities interested in actively collaborating.


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