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Issuers in Spain have a legal obligation to notify the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of their relevant facts, even if they are posted simultaneously on other media1. The service seeks to give greater visibility to companies listed on the BME Group's Regulated Markets and Multilateral Trading Facilities with real-time data on companies' relevant facts in Spanish and English.

1 Issuers of securities are obliged immediately to publish and disseminate any relevant information to the market. They must also send such information to the National Securities Market Commission for its inclusion in the official register regulated by article 92 of this Act. That communication to the National Securities Market Commission must take place at the same time as the information is disclosed by any other means and as soon as the fact becomes known, the decision is adopted or the relevant agreement or contract with third parties is signed.

Whom is the service geared to?

It targets all issuers with instruments traded on a BME Group Regulated Market and/or Multilateral Trading Facility.

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