Shareholder Register

The Shareholder Register provides detailed information on a company shareholders base. Using a simple technical connection, company managers have access at their own terminals to individual information on shareholders, current positions and past movements, along with aggregate information by nationalities, percentage capital, etc.

Article 497 of the consolidated text of Spain's Corporate Enterprises Act ("Ley de Sociedades de Capital") recognises the issuer's right to know the identity of shareholders, irrespective of whether or not the law requires shares to be registered. Issuers may request their shares be processed "as registered" for the purposes of identifying shareholders. This allows companies with bearer securities to have a Shareholder Register with daily details of the shareholders and their movements. BME has been providing this service for the last 18 years for more than 30 companies and 1,100 SICAVs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


Whom is the service geared to?

The service is interesting for Investor Relations Departments, Finance Departments and Board Secretariats.

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