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Stock Market Information for Corporate Websites

The stock market information service enables issuers to post financial information on their corporate websites with no need for any specific development, because BME Inntech supplies the contents, handles the design, and also posts the data on the client's website.

BME Inntech offers issuers a gallery of modules/widgets which can easily be inserted on any website, to supply contents on:

  • Prices: session listings, historic data etc.
  • Key data: financial statements, significant events etc.
  • Intraday and historic graphs of trading sessions, with tools for technical analysis.
  • Comparisons with other securities in the sector or the market.
  • Additional data from other markets which could be linked to the share price, such as commodities, currencies etc.

BME Inntech adapts and designs the components in accordance with the corporate image of the target website.

Whom is the service geared to?

Investor Relations and Customer Service Departments wishing to boost their websites or intranet with added-value contents, providing the end user (shareholders and the general public) with information on the share and the company's financial performance.

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