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27/05/2019 09:05


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IBEX MAB® All Share

The IBEX MAB® All Share index is composed of securities listed on the MAB's Growth Companies segment. It aims to give MAB companies visibility and measure their progress in the market. It does not therefore have any specific number of components.

IBEX MAB® All Share is a market cap weighted index adjusted by free float.

Index launch1st June 2017
Eligibility CriteriaStocks listed in the growth companies segment on the MAB.
WeightingMarket cap adjusted by free float. Maximum weighting limit of 20% in reviews.
Base DateDecember 31st 2015
Base Level1,000
Review DatesSemi annually. Ordinary in March and September.
Monday, 27 May, 2019CloseClose Date
NameLastDif. (%)HourVolumeTurnover (€ thousands)
ADL BIONATUR2.31000.4309:124,1509.572.300024/05/2019
AGILE-- ---2.040024/05/2019
ALQUIBER-- ---5.850024/05/2019
ALTIA-- ---20.000024/05/2019
ATRYS HEALTH-- ---3.840024/05/2019
CATENON-- ---0.525024/05/2019
CLERHP-- ---1.380024/05/2019
CLEVER-- ---0.304024/05/2019
COMMCENTER-- ---1.000024/05/2019
ELZINC-- ---0.530024/05/2019
EUROESPES-- ---0.585024/05/2019
GIGAS-- ---6.540024/05/2019
GRENERGY-- ---8.100024/05/2019
GRIÑÓ-- ---1.360024/05/2019
IFFE FUTURA-- ---1.860024/05/2019
IMAGINARIUM-- ---0.090024/05/2019
INCLAM-- ---1.700024/05/2019
LLEIDANETWOR-- ---0.915024/05/2019
MEDCOMTECH-- ---1.230024/05/2019
MONDO TV-- ---0.143024/05/2019
NBI BEARINGS4.08000.0009:005002.044.080024/05/2019
NETEX-- ---1.210024/05/2019
PANGAEA-- ---2.060024/05/2019
PROEDUCA-- ---7.250024/05/2019
ROBOT-- ---3.500024/05/2019
SECUOYA-- ---9.250024/05/2019
TIER1-- ---18.300024/05/2019
Prices expressed in euros.
Turnover expressed in thousands of euros.
Volume and turnover includes all transactions until the closing of trading session. The total volume and turnover, including special operations carried out after the closing of trading session, is available in the historic information.