Lighthouse publishes the first independent fundamental analysis report today

The initiative is promoted by IEAF and has the support of BME


Lighthouse today has published and distributed the first independent fundamental analysis report on shares which, up until now, were not regularly covered by securities firms. This first report corresponds to the company Lingotes Especiales, from Valladolid. It is expected that the list of companies covered will exceed 20 in 2019.


The Lighthouse independent analysis initiative, promoted by IEAF with the support of BME, is not intended to provide investors with advice (recommendations or valuations will not be provided) but to increase the market’s knowledge of those listed securities about whose fundamental data there is not enough information available. This analysis service will contribute to increasing the companies’ market liquidity and to bringing their prices closer to their fundamental value.


IEAF supervises the selection of those securities for which fundamental analysis will be provided based on objective criteria. The Lighthouse team of analysts  will comprise 5 professionals.


The problem faced by companies not covered by analysts is universal: it is estimated that around 40% of listed securities world-wide are not covered by research firms. In the Spain market the percentage of uncovered stocks reaches 50%.This lack of research constrains the stock market potential of a large number of listed companies, usually those of a medium size and most notably, small-sized ones.


The report is available on this link: