Openfinance and the firm Raúl Aznar González join forces to develop the Finline online digital advice platform

Openfinance, BME’s fintech subsidiary, has provided independent financial advice firm (EAFI) Raúl Aznar González with the technology necessary to digitase its digital advice processes through the finline platform, a pioneering solution that complements the broad value proposition that the EAFI was already offering to its clients in the area of investments.

The finline platform offers a fully digital, real-time, independent financial advice service through which any investor can sign up to receive online advice irrespective of their wealth and obtain an investment proposition suited to their risk-profile in just a few minutes.

In addition to this, Bestportfolio’s connectivity provides all finline clients with access to  multiple functionalities that are useful for the management both of clients and their portfolios,  thus allowing the process to be digitised, minimising management times and significantly improving service quality.

The Bestportfolio application meets most of the needs of an EAFI, smaller investment services firms (ESIS) and financial advice institutions.


The finline platform is integrated into Openfinance's Bestportfolio solution through its API, which gives access to a multitude of useful functionalities for the management of both clients and their portfolios.

Thanks to this connection, finline has been able to offer up-to-date information on its clients’ portfolios and automate many of the processes involved in financial advice, which leads to minimsing management and response times while improving the quality of the service provided.


Openfinance is a BME company that is expert in Wealth Management and has over 15 years experience of creating and implementing high-added-value solutions in national and international financial entities. Its clients range from retail banking, private banking, and independent financial advisers to companies, brokers and broker-dealers, insurance companies and Managers of Pension Funds and Investment Funds.

It is the technological partner that facilitates the process for attracting, advising and retaining clients by adapting to their business needs and to regulatory compliance.


Finline is the platform of the Raúl Aznar González EAFI, expert in wealth management and financial advice with more than 10 years’ experience managing its clients’ wealth. The purpose of finline is to offer savers the possibility of relying on independent financial advice in an agile, simple and safe way.