The new BME Exchange website goes live: Everything you need to know in one easy to find place!

Today we are celebrating at BME! Our new BME Exchange website goes live, bringing together all the information on Equities, Fixed Income and other BME financial markets and making it accessible via a single point of access, the new BME Exchange website.
December 12, 2022

During the development process we took into account our customers’ needs and designed it with a completely fresh approach.

Following months of hard work, the result is a more intuitive, simpler and easier to navigate website, which presents all the relevant information for issuers, customers and investors in an innovative, modern and well-organised layout.

Information about Fixed income has improved significantly, featuring more quality data on the MARF market and extensive information about all the possibilities it offers to companies

For Equities, users will can find, at a click, all the relevant information about the main market, the SME Growth market – BME Growth – and the market in euros for Latin American companies - Latibex.

In order to make access to the different markets and products more intuitive, the website is divided into seven sections: Listing, Trading, Indices, Prices and Markets, Regulation, Investors and Training. The current financial markets will take pride of place on the website, with all market activity available at a glance with new charts and tables.

The new website also offers, among other content, useful information for issuers, BME Exchange news, an event agenda and all the available services. 

With this new website we aim to get closer to our customers and anyone interested in the Spanish financial markets. By launching our new website, BME Exchange reinforces its commitment to increasing knowledge of the financial markets, which is key to taking informed investment decisions.

Check out the new BME Exchange website, here which brings you as close as you can get to our financial markets.

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