BME Scaleup ready for the companies at Startup OLE 2023

In line with its strong support for startups, scaleups and entrepreneurs, BME sponsored Startup OLÉ, an innovation and entrepreneurship event held in Salamanca from September 4 to 7
September 15, 2023

More than 800 speakers and 230 startups participated in the 10th  edition of Startup OLÉ, where BME played a prominent role as a sponsor.

The Startup OLÉ, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Mr. Héctor Gómez, was also supported by public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally. In the public sector, the presence of representatives from the European Commission and other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bulgaria, as well as Spanish organizations such as ICO-AXIS, CDTI, ENISA, ICEX, etc., was particularly noteworthy. The strong backing of the private sector was reflected in the participation of main national corporations, such as Iberdrola, Acciona, Enagás, RTVE, Cepsa, Mondragón, etc. 

For BME, initiatives such as the Startup OLÉ,  are a great opportunity to deepen our relationship with the small and medium-sized Spanish business community, which makes up more than 90% of the productivity of our country. Knowing their concerns and challenges is vital to be able to offer a value proposition tailored to their needs.

Álvaro Castro, Director and BME Growth's Supervisory Director, was one of the main actors, presenting to the audience the entire value chain offered by listing on BME for companies: from the Pre-Market Environment (EpM) to the main market, including BME Scaleup and BME Growth.     

With BME Scaleup, BME supports companies in all stages of financing through the Spanish securities markets.

Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, Managing Director of BME Growth and BMEScaleup, spoke at the round table: “The Role of Corporations Today: Challenges and Opportunities”  on which he explained the financing opportunities offered by BME for smaller companies. BME Scaleup, authorized by the CNMV last July, is aimed primarily at companies in an early stage of development with a proven and scalable business model in any sector. The ecosystem of this type of companies, known as scaleups, has been growing year after year in Spain to reach a combined turnover of 6,450 million euros in 2022 . It is also estimated that, in addition to all the capital they have managed to raise to date, their immediate financing needs could reach 2.3 billion euros in the near future.  

BME Scaleup is supported by BME's trading and settlement technology with simplifies incorporation and maintenance requirements for companies, offering the necessary transparency to potential investors at all times.

The Pre-Market Environment team actively participated in the face-to-face matchmaking rounds, where startups and corporations meet individually to generate possible opportunities to approach the Stock Exchange, as well as being available to the public in a booth.

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