Financial Literacy

"El Bosque de la economía", an Audiobook for Children to Familiarize them with Saving and Investing

The commitment to financial education is part of BME's purpose and of the sustainability strategy of the SIX Group to which it belongs. From this perspective, and with the help of the BME Library and Institute team, we launched the audiobook "El bosque de la economía" based on the book by Esther del Brío.
July 3, 2024

The audiobook is available for free on Braindex. This educational project, aimed at children from 6 to 10 years old, is composed of a set of children's stories that teach essential concepts and values linked to economics, such as the meaning of money, savings, public spending, social services and equal opportunities.

"El bosque de la economía" begins when the dog Natalia finds a coin in the middle of the forest and the cat Jorge, an expert in money matters, explains to her how to use it. From that moment on, life in the forest changes and becomes full of adventures.

The audiobook contains as many stories as there are letters in the alphabet and each letter is dedicated to a character and an economic concept. Each story stars a different animal. The letter A corresponds to the bee Andrea, who wants to learn to save; the letter K to the Koala Calamidad, who wants to work while she sleeps; the letter N corresponds to our friend Natalia, who wants to start her own business.

From BME's Braindex training platform you can access the 26 chapters of the book narrated and interpreted by different voices, as well as 3 introductory videos that offer an interactive educational experience adapted for parents and educators to bring these concepts, so important for the welfare and autonomy of citizens, closer to children.

Financial education

This informative initiative completes BME's commitment to financial education at an early age, in addition to BME's participation with the Madrid City Council, through the program "Madrid, un libro abierto" (Madrid, an open book), open to high school, basic vocational training and intermediate vocational training students. BME is developing the module "El Mundo Bursátil" (The Stock Market World), which teaches young people the basics of financial markets, focusing on the equity market. From January to June 2024, 22 sessions have been held for 19 schools with a total of 379 students.

In addition, BME, through its training center, participates each year in the Economics Olympics and receives visits from students from universities and schools from all over Spain. Since January 2024, we have welcomed 1,057 students from 33 schools and universities.

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