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Enrique Castellanos, new Head of Instituto BME

14 November, 2019
  • BME’s training and educational centre welcomes more than 6,500 students every year

Enrique Castellanos, Head of Training of BME’s educational centre, Instituto BME, is to become its new Head, starting next January. The current Head of Instituto BME, Beatriz Alejandro, has decided to leave the company in order to pursue new career projects.

Enrique Castellanos is a Graduate in Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, studied Options, Futures and Other Financial Derivates at the London School of Economics and is certified as Financial Risk Manager by GARP. He is currently the academic head of the prestigious mFIA. Additionally, he is the author of the books “Opciones y Futuros de Renta Variable: Manual práctico” and “Lecturas mFIA”. He has also published numerous articles for universities and the media. He has worked for BME for 18 years.

BME would like to thank Beatriz Alejandro for her dedication and hard-work during her 25 years in the Group, in which Instituto BME has leveraged itself as one of the most relevant training and educational centres in the areas of finance and markets and wishes her a successful new career path. BME’s training centre welcomes more than 6,500 students every year.

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