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BME admits a new sustainable bond to trading from the Basque Goverment

6 April, 2020
  • With a value of 500 million euros

BME, through the Bilbao stock exchange, today admitted the Basque Government’s new 500 million-euro sustainable bond issue to trading. The term of the bonds is 10 years (their final maturity is scheduled for 30 April 2030) and they will yield a 0.85% annual coupon.

This is the Basque Government’s third ESG bond issue to be launched by the Basque Government, whose aggregate value reaches 1.6 billion euros.

BBVA, Santander, Caixabank, Natixis and Nomura have participated in the placement of the issue.

The Basque Government has an A3 rating, stable outlook, by Moody's; A +, positive outlook, by S&P; and AA-, stable outlook by Fitch.

The issue takes place within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Of the categories to be financed 83% correspond to social programmes and 17% to environmental programmes. The areas and action policies covered by the Basque Government's sustainable issuance framework are as follows: affordable housing, access to essential services such as education and health, social policies, job creation, renewable energy, sustainable transport, environmental pollution prevention and control and sustainable management of water and wastewater.

This sustainable bond issue from the Basque Government follows that launched by the Madrid regional Government in February.

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