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SIX to Exercise the Squeeze-out Right for Remaining BME Shares

SIX hereby communicates its decision to require the compulsory sale of all BME shares not owned by it (i.e. 3,831,403 shares) at the Offer price of EUR 32.98 per BME share.

3 September, 2020

Until 2 September 2020, shareholders of BME holding in aggregate 1,884,165 shares, representing approximately 2.253% of BME’s share capital, have exercised their sell-out right.

As a consequence, as at 2 September 2020, the total number of shares acquired by SIX as a result of the Offer plus the shares which exercised the sell-out right amounted to 79,784,155 shares of BME, representing in aggregate approximately 95.418% of its share capital.

For the orderly execution and settlement of the squeeze-out transaction, SIX will request the CNMV to suspend the trading of BME shares on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges after closing of the stock market on 14 September 2020, and that such trading remains suspended from then on and until the definitive delisting of BME shares.

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