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BME welcomes Ecoener

4 May, 2021

  • The renewable energy company is the second to join the Spanish stock exchange this year.

BME today welcomed Ecoener. Luis de Valdivia, CEO of the company, led the traditional bell ringing, which was hosted by David Jiménez Blanco, Chairman of the Madrid stock exchange, Vice-Chairman of BME and Member of SIX’s Board of Directors. The company set an initial price of 5.90 euros per share, which represents a value of 336 million euros.

The event was held with a limited attendance and under strict security measures due to the pandemic.

BME stated that the incorporation of companies such as Ecoener contributes to making the Spanish market greener. He added that the markets must be - and already are - the epicenter of the sustainable finance boom.

Ecoener began trading under the ticker symbol "ENER".

Photos of Ecoener’s bell ringing are available on Flickr:

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