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INBEST GPF I, INBEST GPF II and INBEST GPF V to start trading in BME Scaleup on 21th June

19 June, 2024
  • The companies, which are the fifth, sixth and seventh in this market, have an initial capitalization of 14.8, 12.6 and 13.6 million euros, respectively

The Board of Directors of BME Scaleup has approved the incorporation of INBEST GPF I SOCIMI, INBEST GPF II SOCIMI and  INBEST GPF V SOCIMI next 21th June once all the documentation submitted by the companies has been analyzed and studied and the favorable evaluation reports of the Market Coordination and Incorporations Committee have been issued.

As indicated in the Initial Market Access Documents of INBEST GPF I, INBEST GPF II and INBEST GPF V, a price of one euro per share has been taken as a reference for the start of trading of the shares, which implies an initial capitalization of the companies of 14.8, 12.6 and 13.6 million euros, respectively. 

The companies’ trading code will be "SCIG1", ‘SCIG2’ and ‘SCIG5’, respectively. The companies' Registered Advisor is Deloitte Auditores.

The main activity of these three companies is the acquisition and management of mixed-use real estate assets located in prime areas within the main cities of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Initial Market Access Documents for INBEST GPF I, INBEST GPF II and INBEST GPF V are available on the BME Scaleup website, where full details of the companies and their businesses can be found.

This new BME market is aimed especially at scaleups, companies with a proven business model, in an accelerated growth phase for at least three years, with a minimum turnover of one million euros and/or an investment of at least that amount. This market, which offers the necessary transparency to investors and simplifies the incorporation requirements for companies, is also open to other types of companies such as SMEs, SOCIMIs or family businesses seeking a first contact with the capital markets.

Among the advantages of BME Scaleup for companies are its ability to boost growth with funds for financing, obtain greater prestige and brand visibility, the possibility of expanding its investor base, the boost to inorganic growth and greater ease of attracting and retaining talent.

To be listed on this market, a company must be a public limited company, have a board of directors, be accompanied by an advisor registered in the market and publish audited annual accounts. It will not be necessary to have a liquidity provider or to comply with a minimum free float.

BME Scaleup already has 14 Registered Advisors.

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