Board of Directors Mr Karel Lannoo (Director)

Karel Lannoo is the principal executive of CEPS, with headquarters in Brussels. CEPS is one of the more important independent “think tanks” of Europe, leader for the quality of his analysis in topics of economic and financial politics.

Lannoo is expert in regulation of the financial markets, bank supervision and economic politics. It has published on these topics several books (`The Great Financial Plumbing, From Northern Rock to Banking Union´, 2015`, is the last), reports and numerous articles in press. Likewise, Mr. Lannoo has participated in studies and hearings to national and international institutions.

Graduate in Philosophy and Máster in History for Leuven's University, Belgium, Lannoo possesses in addition a postgraduate in European Studies for Nancy's University, France.

Lannoo directs also other two centers of studies, ECMI and ECRI, dedicated respectively the capital markets and the credit in Europe. Likewise He is also a board member of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and of Lannoo Publishing Group.

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