Remote voting

Remote Voting is set out in article 21.3 of the Articles of Association and developed in article 14 of General Shareholders' Meeting Regulations.

"Article 14. Voting by means of remote communication

1. Shareholders entitled to attend and vote may cast their votes on proposed resolutions relating to items on the agenda by post, electronic communication or by any other means of remote communication, as provided for in these General Shareholders' Meeting Regulations and in such supplemental and enabling provisions as may be established by the Board of Directors.

Without prejudice to any other requirements and conditions that may be established by the Board of Directors, postal votes shall be cast by sending to the Company the attendance card issued by the Secretary of the Board of Directors duly filled out and signed in the space provided for such purpose, and votes by electronic means must be cast using a recognised electronic signature and any other kind of safeguard seen fit by the Board of Directors to ensure the authenticity and identity of the shareholder casting the vote.

2. Shareholders with the right to attend who cast their votes remotely as provided for herein shall be deemed to be present at the Shareholders' Meeting for the purpose of establishing whether there is a quorum.

Attendance in person by a shareholder at the General Meeting will have the effect of revoking any vote cast by post or electronically.

3. In those cases where votes are cast by means of remote communication, if new items are added to the agenda, the shareholder shall be considered to vote in the same manner as the Chairman of the General Meeting, unless instructions are given otherwise, in which case, the shareholder shall be considered to have abstained."

Common provisions for casing votes and granting proxies by means of remote communication is developed in article 16 of General Shareholders' Meeting Regulations

For the exercise of remote voting rights, simultaneously with the call of the General Shareholders' Meeting, the Company will include on the website a link for the shareholders who wish to exercise it electronically.

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