Right to attendance

Requirements and procedures that will accept to prove the ownership of shares.

The accreditation of a shareholder of the Company in the General Shareholders’ Meeting shall be effected by the attendance card, proxy and postal votes issued by the Company after the call of this meeting, or by the legitimacy certificate of shares, that must meet the following characteristics:

  • The attendance card, proxy and postal voting, shall be issued by the Company and sent by regular postal mail to the address of each shareholders that appears on the register of registered shareholders.

    If the shareholder has not received the attendance card, proxy and voting may request a copy of it by postal mail, electronically through the corporate website and in the place of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, with specifications which are recorded in the call of this meeting.

  • The legitimacy certificate of shares issued by the entity in charge of keeping the accounting records of the shares or by a participant in the securities registration, clearing and settlement of securities as a depositary of the shares of the Company entity.

Right to attendance.

Any shareholder may participate, whether in person or remotely at the General Shareholders’ Meeting, whatever the number of shares they own, provided that they are registered in their name in the corresponding accounting record of book entries with five days prior to the date it has held the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Shareholders who wish to attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting must present the attendance card, proxy and postal votes issued by the Company, together with the following documents:

  • If the shareholder is an individual person: the national identity card or passport to prove their identity.

  • If however the shareholder is a company, the individual person to come to its representation must submit: the power of attorney stating who can act on behalf of the company shareholder and his National Identity Card or passport.

Shareholders who wish to attend the Meeting electronically must follow the instructions established in the following rules, means and procedures for remote assistance:

Remote assistance rules.

Link to accreditation for remote assistance (Spanish only).

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