Share capital description

BME´s issued share capital amounts up to €250,846.674.00 divided into 83,615,558 ordinary shares, with a nominal value of €3.00 each.

All of the shares are of the same class and have the same political and economical rights. Each share carries one vote.

The shares are listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges, and are traded through “Sistema de Interconexión Bursátil”.

Share capital evolution

Since BME´s incorporation on February 15, 2002, the share capital of the company has experienced the following changes:

Share capital evolution
Share capital changes Face value Issuance premium Shares issued Final number of shares Final face value Final capital
Initial share capital (2002) € 1,291,000   1,291 Shares 1,291 Shares € 1,000 € 1,291,000
Split of shares (2002)     250 Shares per previous share 322,750 Shares € 4 € 1,291,000
Increase share capital by means of contribution of assets (2002) € 300,457,868 € 2 per share 75,114,467 Shares 75,437,217 Shares € 4 € 301,748,868
Increase share capital by exchange of IBERCLEAR shares (2003) € 32,713,364 € 4 per share 8,178,341 Shares 83,615,558 Shares € 4 € 334,462,232
Decrease in the share capital with a credit to voluntary reserves (2006) € 64,383,979.66     83,615,558 Shares € 3.23 € 270,078,252.34
Decrease in the share capital with refund contributions (2013) € 19,231,578.34     83,615,558 Shares € 3.00 € 250,846,674.00
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