Means of Communication and Information Right and Requests for Information made by Shareholders

Once the call notice is published, shareholders have the right to examine and obtain, immediately and free of charge at the Company's registered office at Plaza de la Lealtad 1, 28014 Madrid, or have delivered or sent to them free of charge the following documentation:

  • the full text of the call to the extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting;

  • the full text of the resolution proposals that the Board of Directors is submitting to the extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting, set out in items one to four of the agenda;

  • the explanatory report approved by the Board of Directors in relation to the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association which will be submitted under item one on the agenda, pursuant to article 286 of the Corporate Enterprises Act;

  • the proposals of the Appointments and Remunerations Committee to the Board of Directors regarding the appointment and re-election of Directors included in paragraphs 2.4 and 2.8 of item two of the agenda;

  • the previous reports of the Appointments and Remunerations Committee on the proposals of the Board of Directors for ratification and re-election of Directors that are included in paragraphs 2.3, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 of item two of the agenda;

  • the prior reports from the Board of Directors concerning the proposals of the Appointments and Remunerations Committee and the Board of Directors regarding the appointment, ratification and re-election of Directors, including the identity, curriculum and professional category of the Directors which will be submitted under paragraphs 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 of item two on the agenda;

  • the mandatory report by the Appointments and Remunerations Committee on the amendment to the Directors' Remuneration Policy included in item three of the agenda, together with the reasoned proposal by the Board of Directors;

  • the Regulations governing the functioning of the Shareholder e-Forum;

  • the total number of shares and voting rights at the date of the call to the meeting;

  • the specimen card for attendance, proxy representation and remote voting;

  • the explanatory note of the communication media that may be used by shareholders to exercise their right to remote attendance, representation, voting rights and right to information, and the requirements, deadlines and procedures established for such usage; and

  • informative memo with regard to the mechanisms envisaged for simultaneous translation of the General Meeting into English, sign language service and relay of the General Meeting via webcast.

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 518 of the Corporate Enterprises Act and 42 of the Articles of Association, in relation to Article 10.1 of the Meeting Regulations, from the publication of this call and until the General Shareholders' Meeting is held, the aforementioned documentation shall be available at all times on the corporate website,

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 197.1 and 520.1 of the Corporate Enterprises Act, 13 of the Articles of Association and 11.3 of the Meeting Regulations, as of the day of publication of the call of the General Meeting and up to the fifth day (inclusive) prior to the intended date of same, shareholders may request any reports or clarifications they deem necessary, or submit any written questions they deem relevant in connection with items on the agenda, on any information available to the general public furnished by the Company to the National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV) since the last General Meeting.

All these requests may be made:

  • by delivery of the request or postal dispatch to the General Secretary and Secretary to the Board at the registered address, Plaza de la Lealtad 1, 28014 Madrid.

  • in an electronic document via the Company website under "Shareholders and investors" in the section dealing with the General Shareholders' Meeting. This request for information may be made:

    • with a recognised electronic signature and advanced electronic signature based on the Electronic User Certificate issued by the Spanish National Mint's Public Certification Authority, with respect to which no revocation has been registered, or the recognised electronic certificate forming part of the electronic National Identity Card issued pursuant to the Royal Decree 1553/2005 of 23 December regulating issuance of National Identity Cards and their electronic signature certificates; or

    • with the user/password credentials that the shareholder will receive at their e-mail address after the verification of their identity and status as shareholder in the section for the purposes of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

    The access and use of the platform for exercising the right to information by the shareholder is conditioned to maintaining the status of shareholder of the Company at all times.

    The Company reserves the right to amend, suspend, cancel or restrict the mechanisms employed for requests for information via electronic correspondence when this is required or demanded by technical or security-related circumstances.

The Company will not be responsible for any damages that may be incurred by shareholders due to breakdowns, overloads, power outages, failed connections, postal service malfunctions or any other identical or similar eventualities beyond the control of the Company that prevent the use of the mechanisms employed for requests for information via remote correspondence.

Requests for information must in any event be accompanied by the names and surnames or, where applicable, the business name of shareholders requesting the information, accrediting the shares held by them to enable this information to be compared with the information in the Company's Shareholder Register.


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