What is?

What is MaB?

MaB is a market for small companies looking to expand, with a special set of regulations, designed specifically for them with costs and processes tailored to their particular characteristics.

SMEs play a significant role in Spain, in fact over 99% of all Spanish companies are SMEs. They employ 80% of the country's workforce and represent 65% of GDP.

The Alternative Equity Market – MaB- helps these companies access the securities market easily and efficiently. The platform is designed so that small companies wishing to expand can benefit from the advantages offered by the market: financing, visibility, liquidity, valuations, etc.

What is more, all MaB costs and regulations are specially adapted to the characteristics of these companies. The MaB can also be an interesting learning curve for many companies before they are admitted to trading and achieve their optimum size.

MaB has adapted existing procedures so that these companies can be listed without having to renounce a correct degree of transparency. To this end we have created the post of “Registered Advisor”, specialist professionals who will assist companies during the process, starting with their inclusion in the market up until the day they are listed.

MaB also offers investors a wider variety of companies so they can diversify their portfolios and invest in new companies and sectors.



Growth companies are not the only ones included in MaB, there are also SICAVs (open-ended investment schemes), SOCIMIs or REITS (listed real-estate investment trusts) and VCFs (venture capital firms).

The MaB concept

In 300 AC, Pappus of Alexandria reasoned that the hexagonal grid was the best way to divide a surface into regions of equal area. In fact, years later he proved this with his honeycomb theorem.


Later on, in the 19th Century, Lord Kelvin attempted the same but using a three-dimensional space instead of an area. He suggested that the ideal shape was a truncated octahedron but was unable to prove this mathematically…

More recently, scientists Denis Weaire and Robert Phelan from Trinity College Dublin discovered a more complex three-dimensional structure which offered a solution to the problem posed by Kelvin. This figure was named the Weaire-Phelan Structure.

This structure offers perfect expansion given the space available.

This website and market were designed based on that theory.

In fact, MaB offers small companies a platform on which to expand, with regulations and conditions in line with their characteristics.  MaB's commitment to these companies is to help them grow efficiently and to offer them the advantages of the securities market.



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