The Market Today: Net Asset Value

SICAVS - Net Asset Value Market
SICAVS - Net Asset Value Market
NameLastDif. (%)DateHourFecha
19.40 INV.10.525700- --21/12/2017
1948 INV.17.766200- --09/01/2018
1955 INV.8.649400- --05/01/2018
1962 CAPITAL7.488400- --05/01/2018
2.8 INVEST.1.491800- --08/01/2018
2002 GLOBAL23.255000- --12/12/2017
6V VALORES M13.525400- --28/08/2017
A CAPITAL RV5.0314001.376,30031.7015/01/2018
A.BURSATILES9.696700- --21/12/2017
A.F. ALPHA14.461400- --09/01/2018
A.M.J. EVAL7.281300- --19/12/2017
AAMM DE VAL.9.049500- --02/10/2017
ABAE VALORES8.418100- --29/12/2017
ABDUIT 200217.322600- --15/12/2016
ABEDUL7.285000- --12/12/2017
ABENLENDA1.698500- --30/11/2017
ABISAL 7217.063700- --27/12/2017
ABLAÑA7.214100- --08/11/2017
ABPURA INV.1.424500- --12/01/2018
ABRIL 286.210300- --10/03/2017
ABUVILLA1.891300- --08/01/2018
ACANTO INV.5.387700- --17/11/2017
ACATES99.207000- --29/12/2017
ACE GLOBAL13.329600- --08/01/2018
ACE SPORTS19.375500- --14/11/2017
ACEBUCHE7.183600- --29/12/2017
ACENT E.I.13.677400- --12/01/2018
ACERVO VAL.1.033200- --12/01/2018
ACHERFOR12.202700- --05/01/2018
ACIFIEL16.169100- --08/01/2018
Prices expressed in euros.
Turnover expressed in thousands of euros.
Volume and turnover includes all transactions until the closing of trading session. The total volume and turnover, including special operations carried out after the closing of trading session, is available in the historic information.


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