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BME admits to trading public debt from Germany, Austria and Netherlands

1 March, 2018
  • These are the first three countries whose debt securities are admitted in the Spanish market
  • The aim is gradually to admit to trading all issues from other European Treasuries on the BME Fixed Income platform

AIAF, BME’s Fixed Income Market, has admitted to trading today the public debt bond issues from the Governments of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. These are the first foreign debt issues to be admitted on the Spanish market after the adaptations made following the entry into force of the MiFID II Directive, last January, which now allows the listing of securities issued abroad.

Today, nearly 80 new references of international bonds have been admitted to trading, with fixed coupon and different maturities, which will be available to market members on the AIAF trading platform. The minimum order volume in the platform will be 1,000 euros, coinciding with the bonds’ nominal values and the standard tick size in the market.

Since January of this year, BME's Fixed Income market, AIAF, is the only Spanish regulated market that trades Treasury and Regional Governments public debt and private bonds. Among its objectives is the admission to trading of the main European Government bonds and corporate debt securities to offer investors a wide range of traded instruments and assist credit institutions, ISEs, brokers and other market participants in complying with transparency and reporting obligations arising from the entry into force of MiFID II.

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