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Workshop "The Stock exchange: a market with many alternatives for the small investor"
MFIA Certificación. 2016 Annual meeting.
 XVIII Latibex Forum. Stories of success in Latin American entrepreneurship
XVIII Latibex Forum. Innovation as the main driver for growth
 XVIII Latibex Forum. Digitalization of Investment Services
 XVIII Latibex Forum. Digitalization of Retail Banking
XVIII Latibex Forum. Women's Leadership in the Ibero-American companies
XVIII Latibex Forum. Infrastructures and construction sector
XVIII Latibex Forum. Growth estrategies in tourism: strategic view
XVIII Latibex Forum. Differences and similarities between Latam & European real state sector
XVIII Latibex Forum. Economic challenges for Spain and Latin America in 2017
XVIII Latibex Forum. Is growth still the key factor for the energy sector?
XVIII Latibex Forum. Latin America, macro overview
XVIII Latibex Forum. Investment in Latin America, the manager´s recommendations
XVIII Latibex Forum. Opening session
European Small & Medium Cap Awards 2016
Sponsorship of Digitalization of Greek vessels (Spanish Archeological Museum)
Financial Education Day
Presentation of book "Portfolio management. Theory & practice"
BME at SIBOS 2016
VozTelecom Opening Ceremony Bell
Atrys Health Opening Bell Ceremony
ISC FreshWater Opening Ceremony Bell
BME Ceremony Bell, 10 years as a listed company
Silvercode Opening Ceremony Bell
Vitruvio Socimi Opening Ceremony Bell
Asturias Retail & Leisure Opening Ceremony Bell
2016 Institutional Investor European Awards
BME is awarded a prize for its transparency by AECA
Coca- Cola Opening Ceremony Bell
12th. MedCap Forum. Market efficiency: analysis, communication & investment
12th. MedCap Forum. The diverse nature of growth companies
12th. MedCap Forum. New product offering in the fixed income market: Project Bonds, securitization & Green Bonds
12th. MedCap Forum. Fixed income financing. Commercial paper & Corporate bonds in MARF
12th. MedCap Forum. The stock exchange as a source of financing
12th. MedCap Forum. The new scenario of commmodities prices & their impact on Spanish companies
12th. MedCap Forum. Growth of the consumer good sector
12th. MedCap Forum. Outlook of the healthcare sector
12th. MedCap Forum. Real state sector: new actors for a new environment
12th. MedCap Forum. Market ovierview and Banco Sabadell´s bets in the Small & Mid Cap universe
12th. MedCap Forum. The contribution of fund managers to the selection of securities
12th. MedCap Forum. Opening Ceremony
Workshop on European Capital Markets Union
Parques Reunidos Opening Ceremony Bell
BME 2016 General Shareholders´Meeting
Telepizza becomes listed. Opening Ceremony Bell
Dominion Opening Ceremony Bell
JABA Socimi Opening Ceremony Bell
Futures Industry Association Annual Meeting 2016 
Seminar on companies financing in Spain: Strategies for the future
Clerhp Structures joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell 
Corpfin Capital Opening Ceremony Bell
Tecnoquark joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
Annual gathering with the Media
Oryzon becomes listed. Opening Ceremony Bell
Agreement Instituto BME- Ibercaja
Agile Content joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
ThinkSmart joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
Gigas joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
XVI Latibex Forum. Inaugural Session
NeolBio joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
SIBOS 2015
Lleida.Net joins MAB market. Opening Ceremony Bell
FIA Certification presentation
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