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Listing / Fixed Income / MARFMARF: Perfectly designed for your mid-size fixed-income listing needs

MARF, your best alternative for fixed income financing

The Alternative Fixed-Income Market (MARF) is a market managed by BME specifically developed to promote the financing of medium-sized companies through the issuance of fixed income securities.

To adapt to the reality of medium-sized companies and give them the opportunity to access a broad base of international institutional investors, MARF has simple requirements and procedures for incorporation and listing, and maintenance costs are suited to the characteristics of these types of issuers. 

The market has Registered Advisors, which are entities in charge of guiding and advising companies accessing the capital market through MARF. The Registered Advisors support them from the initial moment of compliance with regulatory requirements and other aspects until the end of life of the issue. 

MARF is aimed at institutional investors, both Spanish and non-residents, who wish to diversify their portfolios with fixed income securities of medium-sized companies, usually unlisted and with good business prospects.

Given the importance that this market is acquiring in the international financial landscape, in 2020 the European Central Bank included MARF as an eligible MTF for its monetary policy operations.

Benefits for companies & investors


MARF 10th Anniversary, Celebrate with Us!

A decade providing financing to hundreds of companies, and we're still going strong!