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Listing / WarrantsWarrants: Listed simply and easily

The BME Exchange liquidity, speed and flexibility is now ready for warrants

The BME Exchange fully electronic trading platform sets high standards for liquidity, transparency, speed and flexibility. This makes it ideal for warrants.

Our ‘Warrants, Certificates and Other Products’ segment has been developed to incorporate a range of financial products designed for different investment strategies according to an investor’s risk profile. This is done through including instruments that incorporate the market movements of underlying assets.

These could be a share, an index, a basket of shares or indices, commodities, exchange rates or interest rates among others. These products usually have an expiration date. In addition, they are all traded, cleared and settled like shares.

Our multidisciplinary team supports issuers throughout the entire listing process and with its wealth of product knowledge and whole range of promotional options.

BME advantages

A vast range of products and underlyings

Benefit from multiple products, currencies and commodities based on national and foreign shares, baskets of shares and indices.

Robust market infrastructure

Benefit from liquidity and transparency thanks to thanks to the specialist figure and the strict regulatory oversight.

Straightforward listing procedure

Benefit from easier and faster listings for warrants, including Connexor for structured products.

Responding to your needs

Flexibility for issuers and investors through a wide range of instruments

BME Exchange’s flexibility drives innovation by encouraging the development of new kind of instruments and fulfils markets’ requirements.

Liquidity for listed products is ensured by the specialist figure, which ensures that quotes are adjusted continuously to reflect the daily market movement of the underlying. Execution-prices are also adjusted when corporate events take place in the underlying. All trade prices are monitored in real-time by BME Exchange to guarantee fair value trades.