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Instituto BMELead through expertise

BME committed to financial literacy

BME Exchange is strongly committed to increasing the level of financial literacy in society. We subscribe the OCDE Recommendation on Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness.

As a proof of our commitment to financial education, our training subsidiary, Instituto BME, offers a wide array of courses and Master Degrees related to financial markets, which are accessible to the public in general as well as institutions, Universities and professionals.

Licenses and official Certifications

Licenses and official Certifications

The MFIA Certification is the benchmark accreditation for achieving technical excellence in the knowledge of financial markets and products.

The SIBE Trading License, granted by the Madrid Stock Exchange, allows those who receive this training and pass the corresponding exam to prove that they have sufficient knowledge to operate in the SIBE.

The MEFF-BME CLEARING Trading License, aimed at those who wish to accredit their knowledge of both clearing and settlement (clearing) and trading (MEFF).