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Listing/ Equity/ IPOBME Exchange. When you're ready to go Public

Raise Capital. Raise Your Profile. And Grow. With the BME Exchange

BME Exchange is the ideal venue to fund your business growth, launch new projects, or develop ground-breaking new products. For almost 200 years, BME Exchange has been helping Spanish businesses take advantage of market opportunities, to strengthen their funding, their visibility and their growth. 

The BME Exchange team is at your side at every step of an IPO, ensuring that the process is clear and simple and that you make the most of going public. In addition, with our trading segments you will have the possibility to enter the market and trade Spanish securities.

From information and training to access the market for the first time before your IPO to more specific services after your first day of trading, our origination and issuer relations teams will support you on your journey. All, to enable businesses to successfully realise their full potential, through solutions tailored to their size and needs.

Benefits of going Public

How to list on the Main Market

Interested in going public? There is a solution for every company. And BME Exchange helps you throughout the process

Even if you are a developed and mature company or a start-up. Or if you are a family business or your capital is very widespread. Or maybe you are already a multinational or you are looking to boost your growth abroad with new partners.

There is a place for everyone in BME Exchange with a common goal: financing your company’s growth.

Not all companies are ready to be listed on the BME Exchange main market due to their maturity or degree of development. In that case, if your decision is to go public, you are probably ready to be listed on our BME Growth Market, specially designed to suit growing companies and prepare them to jump to the main market.

But if your business is in the early stages of development or just want to prepare for a future IPO, you are welcome at the Pre Market Environment. A program for learning and training in which, from the hand of the professionals of BME Exchange and its partners, you will learn everything necessary to become a listed company, while increasing your visibility among the investment community.

BME Exchanges team will be by your side to make your listing process clear and simple and, of course, after the first day of trading. There are a lot of services to make life easier for equity issuers.

Latest Opening Bells

BME welcomes Puig

3 May, 2024, the largest IPO in Spain since 2015 and the largest in the world so far this year. The company, valued at 13.9 billion euros, debuts on the stock exchange with a price of 24.50 euros per share.