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Listing/ Equities/ IPOs for SMEs BME Growth: When your SME is ready for bigger things

What is BME Growth

BME Growth is the BME Exchange market for SMEs and focuses on companies in any sector of activity: technology, biotech and health, engineering, telecommunications, renewables and real estate (REITs).

BME Growth has specifically tailored regulation as well as prices and processes adapted to the characteristics of these companies. The Market has a set of Registered Advisors to help companies throughout the listing process, both as they become listed on the Market and beyond, in the day-to-day, to comply with the regulations required by the CNMV.

BME Growth also has an expanding group of qualified investors who support, trust and follow organic and inorganic growth plans presented by these companies.

BME has developed a training, coaching and networking program for growing SMEs called 'Pre-Market Environment', where companies accelerate their transformation in order to join BME Growth

Advantages /Benefits of Going Public

How to list

Admissions requirements and procedures

Companies seeking admission to BME Growth must be public limited companies and satisfy some pre-requisites.

Transparency. To maintain a correct level of transparency, regulations are adapted to their needs and introduce two new figures, the Registered Advisor and the BME Growth itself.

Information reporting. The company is committed to reporting the half-yearly and annual information required by BME Growth.

Registered advisor and Liquidity provider. Appointing an Advisor helps companies both when they are joining to the market and once they are listed. While a contract with a liquidity provider helps trading.

Shareholder diffusion. In order to join BME Growth the shares held by shareholders holding less than 5% of the share capital must have an estimated value of more than €2 million. Often, companies who do not initially meet this requirement, do so later via a share placement or a share sale upon admission to the market.

More Information


Last Opening Bell


28 November 2023, IFLEX is the tenth company to enter this market so far this year, debuting at a valuation of 12.2 million euros.

Pre Market Environment (EpM)

EpM gives companies the support to develop the capabilities to get funding via capital markets

EpM is a specialized ecosystem that help companies preparing for growth by professionalization, personalized support, visibility, networking, access to investors.

The Ceo´s Experience

Javier Mira

Facephi, Chairman and CEO

“Since listing in BME Growth we have develop a wide client portfolio, strengthen our revenue and growth and become the company in a global actor with offices un Asia, Europe and Latin-America”.

Antonio Fernández-Montells

Greenalia, CFO

”Being a public company increase your visibility in general, you start to appear more frequently in the media, and you look more comfortable for suppliers, customers and financial institutions. As well, another key factor is that you look more attractive for the employment market”.

Santiago de Torres

Atrys Health, Chairman and CEO

”BME Growth offers you a platform to acquire other companies paying part of the price in shares, which is impossible if the company is private. This sets being listed on BME Growth apart, enabling faster growth”.