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How to Listing on EquitiesBME Exchange: Your access to Spanish Capital. Liquidity. And Investors

Raise Capital. Raise your profile. And Grow. With the BME Exchange

By listing your company on the BME Exchange, you gain access to some of the biggest institutional and retail investors in Spain and abroad. By raising capital with us you gain the financial  flexibility to focus on growth. And you can also count on strong liquidity when your company’s shares are traded – as well as enhanced visibility and brand credibility. All of which means that you can continue to strengthen your capital base and your competitive edge.

Take a closer look at what is BME Growth to find out if you are a BME Growth company in this market, along with the requirements and procedure for admission to this market.

If your company is at an early stage of development, find out what is BME Scaleup and how BME Scaleup this new market can help you scale your business.

We also have information on what is Latibex and the advantages and benefits of listing on Latibex.


Do you want to know more about the activity of our listed companies?

In this section you will find everything you need to know on dividends, IPOs, takeover bids, capital increases and other corporate actions.