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Trading / Fixed IncomeFixed Income trading to match your needs

Where diverse and sustainable fixed income trading is a reality

The BME Exchange fixed income market is characterized by its diversity. Here you can trade public and corporate debt across various markets: AIAF, SENAF, SEND and MARF. 

Benefit from the range of industries represented in our market and enjoy the access they give you to truly diversified bond trading. At BME Exchange, sustainable investing is not just a simple promise. It is a reality. 

How do you benefit?


BME Fixed income trading venues add múltiples pools of liquidity under diferent trading models


Spanish and international issuers together with resident an foreign investors meet in our markets


From public debt to corporate bonds, from large issuers to SMEs,.. All sectors of the economy are represented in BME Fixed Income

Market Models - Rules Books

The Spanish Corporate Debt Market.An officially organised secondary market.

The market currently comprises 80 members, including the country’s leading banks, savings banks and brokers and broker-dealers.

Market Model AIAF, MARF and SEND

AIAF Regulation

Your alternative fixed income market.

MARF is aimed primarily at institutional investors, both Spanish and foreign, looking to diversify their portfolios with fixed income securities of medium-sized companies with good business prospects.

Market Model AIAF, MARF and SEND

MARF Regulation

Benchmark information for retail investors on Fixed Income prices.

This  electronic Fixed Income trading platform for retail investors, is set up to improve transparency and liquidity in the Spanish Corporate Debt Market.

Market Model AIAF, MARF and SEND

Our Electronic trading platform for Spanish Public Debt, reverse repos and specific securities registered on AIAF.

Continuous and electronic blind market whereby the parties can trade in real time from 9:00 to 16:30h.

Market Model SENAF: Bonds, Obligations, Strips, FRNs and FROBs Segment

Market Model SENAF: Sell-Buyback and Treasury Bill Segment

SENAF Regulation

Our offer of fixed income trading by product