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Buy and sell Government Debt

Send Platform: Purchase and Sale of Government Debt Securities, Direct Accounts

The SEND platform provides investors with liquidity for the purchase and sale of Government Debt securities such as Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds.

In addition to being able to trade all assets through a Market Member in the secondary market, it allows the execution of sale orders for Government Debt securities given by the holders of Direct Accounts opened at the Bank of Spain.

This operation is currently carried out through GVC Gaesco Valores S.V., S.A., which is the AIAF Market Member entity registered in the turn of the Direct Accounts of the Government Debt book-entry.

The commission that the Market Member will charge for each Direct Account transaction will be a maximum of 2.5 %0 (two and a half times five per thousand) on the nominal amount up to orders of 1,000,000 Euros and 1 %0 (one per thousand) above that amount. It applies a minimum charge of 9 euros to which the transfer costs per transaction will be added. The Member shall inform the Bank of Spain of the cash transfer expenses arising from the transaction as stipulated by the Member.