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Trading/Market/DerivativesMEFF: Your Reference Market for Spanish underlyings

Long Tradition in the European Derivatives Markets

MEFF is BME’s Derivatives Exchange and since 2020 part of Switzerland's SIX Group. MEFF – as the reference Exchange for stock options on Spanish underlyings – has a long tradition of financial culture and best practice, constantly investing in innovation and development. MEFF has been the Spanish market for derivative products since 1989 and is widely recognized both, nationally and internationally, for being one of the main European derivatives markets.

Benefits of Trading on MEFF

Reference Market for Spanish Underlyings

MEFF offers more than 40 single stock options that include 10 of the leading Spanish companies.

International Profile of Market Participants

Most of the trading activities come from non-resident members and give MEFF an international profile.

Delta Facility on Block Trading

The only Derivatives Exchange to offer derivatives block trades with the cash leg included in one trade at no extra charge.

Financial Futures and Options Trading

MEFF offers two segments: with 59 participants the segment for Financial Derivatives (Futures and Options on IBEX 35 and Single Stocks, Dividend Index Futures, Stock Dividend Futures and 10-year National Bond Futures) and with 30 participants the Electricity Derivatives (MEFF Power) segment. The trading starts at 9 am until 5.35 pm for the entire product range, the index futures are traded from 8 am to 8 pm. The High Frenquency Traders and Market Makers ensure liquidity which leads to very competitive order books, transparent pricing and tight spreads. MEFF offers equal access, providing the best connections for all participants. This also includes co-location, London hub, and direct connection to central gateways.

Financial Derivatives & Commodities Derivatives